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‘morning Bert,

I don’t think you’re taking the thread off track – we’re discussing some SEO stuff.

What I was referring to is your judgement call: “good to see some of our SEO guru’s taken to task by people who actually know what they are talking about”

I honestly don’t give a hoot if you’re a nun, undertaker or a gardener, I’m asking why you say that?

Who knows or does not know what they are talking about and why do you think so?

Why not give us the benefit of your knowledge on why Masha, John, HG or myself are wrong in your opinion?

Any references to good authority sources like Google or a respected long serving SEO would be good to read. (I mean the Slawski’s, Kohn’s and Martinez’s of this world, not the tabloid SEO press – they’re often as wrong as the newspaper tabloids!)