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Aidan, post: 240578, member: 2298 wrote:
Why not give us the benefit of your knowledge on why Masha, John, HG or myself are wrong in your opinion?

Firstly admins, feel free to delete this post, like I assume Aidan”s Post last night was, I will not make any comments on that post. I will just answer the question in this post.

To answer your question above , I am not sure I have suggested any of the 3 you mentioned (or yourself for that matter) are wrong. Asking questions and seeking to clarify the issues at hand doesn’t mean you are saying someone is wrong.

From my reading of this debate we have differing views offered , surely in that instance questions can only benefit the debate, in particular for small business owners such as myself who are on a daily basis, being asked to cough up hard earned dollars for SEO services.

As an example JohnW used an example of plumbers rankings which all sounded fine, but there was a question left hanging in my mind about the reasoning behind his comments, I asked a question based on direct experience from my own website, and what I know some of my competitors have done. So I asked the question, to which JohnW offered a compelling answer. Just because I asked a question it didn’t mean I thought he was wrong, he may be 100% correct, totally wrong or somewhere in between, without going and asking each individual website owner about their intent of each and every action over the last couple of years, we don’t know.

I don’t know the relative skills of any of the 3 you mention or yourself, and no where have I actually stated that any off them are more correct or more knowledgeable than the other. I know who I would be approaching if and when I want some services (based on what I read from your posts) but I suspect I may ask to many questions when I come knocking at the door.

Aidan, post: 240578, member: 2298 wrote:
Which has always been my point – I would never question your skills as a gardener for the same reason, I’m simply devoid of enough knowledge to say anything about gardening.

I always hope my clients will question my skills as a gardener and in fact I am more than happy to point out my short comings (there are many). Our clients deserve to know what level of knowledge we bring to the table.

There are many shonky gardeners around, you must question!!!

Aidan, post: 240578, member: 2298 wrote:
I am completely in your hands for that stuff just as I am in my car mechanic’s hands for the cars, my accountant’s hands for the tax, my plumber’s hands for the plumbing and I could go on… I’m not qualified to argue with any of them.

I don’t argue with my mechanic or plumber or whatever either, but if they are going to present me with a very large bill for work or advise which may impact on my car or plumbing, I will sure as anything ask them questions, not just hand them a blank cheque and say sure go for it. And just to give myself a little piece of mind I tend to use specialists registered with their industry body, that doesn’t mean they are correct, but it gives a better level of comfort.

In my case if I give someone a quote or advise, I invite them to ask questions, I don’t see that as an argument, I even suggest to them that they seek further quotes and advise, I have even been known to suggest some questions they should be asking for there own benefit.