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Paul – FS Concierge
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Aidan, post: 240593, member: 2298 wrote:
Hi Paul, that’s good advice for most small businesses but why would paid traffic be a red flag in internet marketing? AdWords for example and Facebook ads too are often sound strategy for achieving the goals of a great many businesses?

I agree with the other red flags (though I doubt most people here would have any idea how to identify a blog network and the agencies who use them are not likely to advertise it).
I wasn’t referring to paid traffic from Adwords, FB, Linkedin etc but what is essentially “fake” traffic from unknown sources (maybe bots?). What is the name for that? See the original link reference https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/linkedin-articles-i-have-article-thats-been-viewed-nearly-mallyon?trk=prof-post