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I have tried Dear, Unleashed, Cin7 with Xero and found them all to be seriously lacking.
Dear, Unleashed and Cin7 are all too inflexible, multiple syncing errors with Xero, CRM is a joke with one way syncs. The back end on all of these cheap apps are basic. They don’t have the financial resources because of small customer bases to develop products that are intelligent and flexible enough to meet customer needs. They are simple offers for basic functions that suit a small market segment. Terrible for importers and landed costs, Xero can only work to 4 decimal places.

If all your after is simplicity and a basic system with no audit trail and fixed reporting stick to the Xero world of apps.

Jcurve’s version of Netsuite with Australian based phone support is expensive, you get what you pay for.
Connect Neto Ecommerce to Netsuite, Mailchimp to Netsuite with cazoomi and you have a bullet proof system that is infinitely customizable and will scale to enterprise level.

Oracle purchased Netsuite for 9.3 billion usd dollars, that gives scope of the development budget they have!

Bank on 8k for Jcurve for 4 users per year plus 5-8k for setup and training, Neto has pricing on their website as does Mailchimp and Cazoomi. You get one free seat for your Bookeeper.

I chose Neto for AU based support and their managed services, you could even use their POS with NS and save money on NS licence fees.

Netsuite has their main support center in the Philippines and you’ll find hundreds of capable people there through freelance sites that can customize everything for you at affordable prices.

Well worth the investment in time and $ to build a proper erp system.

I tried to take the cheap option with the small players and wasted a lot of time and money to achieve a very average, frustrating and inflexible system.

Hope that helps.