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Johny, post: 235424, member: 34822 wrote:
For the LCL order, we need you to pay the full payment.”

In a general sense for an LCL order that is nonsense. In your specific case for an order of only USD645.00 it would be pretty standard to ask for full payment in advance. I would for that amount of an order, or else I’d charge a premium for the extra bank charges incurred etc.

While your order is important to you, for the factory it is something to get in and out as easily as possible.

“Also do all the sales reps there receive a commission…:

Many do.They can receive a base payment and incentives. Negotiation isn’t just about you trying to make a few $ in savings, it is also about understanding that the less the factory will make the less they care about the outcome and things that could affect the quality of your order.

For an order of your size I personally wouldn’t be negotiating too much, there is little to be gained.

And this is a previous comment of yours:-

“Organising inspections at this stage is not a viable option for me.”

It may not be viable cost wise, but I always suggest to never base decisions about having inspections done purely on cost, make that decision based on your comfort levels that the product will arrive satisfactorily

Thanks. It’s good to have the bigger picture.