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rounded, post: 235829, member: 73407 wrote:
Hi Cody,
We’ve developed our own iPhone app in house. A few things in general:

  • Developing a native iPhone or Android app in Swift or Java is significantly more time consuming than developing for web.
  • If you don’t need a super performant app, perhaps look at a hybrid tech approach. This will be cheaper and faster to develop, but performance will suffer.
  • If going offshore for development be sure to test the team with a smaller prototype before diving into full production. The horror stories are real.
  • Make sure your workflows and UX is really tight before a line of code is written. Get a prototype to test using Invision or Marvel first, this will reveal things you never even thought of.

If you want any specifics just PM me. Happy to help.



Thanks Grant. I have been looking into Invision for prototyping. If we decide to go ahead with the app I’ll take you up on your offer and send you a message. Cheers