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JM dreams, post: 245713, member: 56887 wrote:
Hi Jordan,

Old thread I know, but I have a question…

Can you tell me typically what does a ‘blind’ package looks like? obviously this is the face of our business, as a seller, and it may be the control freak in me but I wonder how as a retailer we keep the same ‘feel’ of receiving a package direct from a business when it comes from a dropshipper…

Could you please assist in telling us the best questions to ask a dropshippers to determine how the package will look and if packages can be customised in anyway.


Hi Jen,

Sorry, I only just saw this.

Blind simply means that there is no packing slip or invoice. The box itself is the original, which contains the product that has been purchased. So rather than having a particular feeling, it just keeps the feeling neutral – If that makes sense.

Always ask how items are packed and dispatched. It is also a good idea to ask what appears on the drop shipper’s shipping labels.