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Yowo, post: 236107, member: 81921 wrote:
Hi Erin, I was about to ask the same question myself :). I have recently started selling clothing online and have tried my luck with a few wholesalers. Some in capital cities like Sydney and Brisbane where I was able to sample the stock before purchase, and some from Asia and Britain. Overseas was much more affordbale but then there are shipping costs to consider and when ordering from China, you need to buy below $1000 to avoid fees and taxes (just buy in multiple orders to get around this). The quality of some of the clothes from China as I feared was of poor quality though and I am not willing to sell it through my store. Cheap to buy but it came with a risk.

The Australian wholesalers had much better clothing and better quality you can trust however it is much more expensive. I am not running a luxury brand, I am just looking to sell clothes at affordable prices whilst keeping my overheads low. The prices I am expected to pay per item of clothing in Australia at so called ‘Wholesale’ pricing is about the same or MORE than the price I want to be selling it for myself.

It is hard to find cheap, good quality wholesalers selling the latest fashion. So far I only seem to be able to meet 2 of the above 3 criteria. I am looking to buy quality women’s clothing pieces for less than <$10 per item and so far I have only found this overseas. I am fairly new here myself and will always be looking for wholesalers. Keep digging as there are many online and bricks and mortar stores making a killing from selling affordable clothes which they must have purchased somewhere very cheap.. So it is possible, and small businesses generally cannot afford to have it all manufactured from scratch so wholesalers would be their best friend. Good luck to us :)
One thing to buy from overseas is the products are maybe not azo free, which you cannot sell in Australia