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d3mad, post: 236723, member: 72747 wrote:
I’m now wading through 60+ pages of fit-out guidelines. (Will this inundation of rules, guidelines and BS ever stop!)

No BS at all, just imagine if you set up shop with your great shop fitout, and somebody opened up next door and it looked like a junk yard. The centres have these guidelines to protect their tenants. Definitely not BS, and if you are already thinking that it is BS, maybe its time to move on, wait till you start getting customers, than talk about BS, duplicate what the centre expects by 200%..

d3mad, post: 236723, member: 72747 wrote:
I get what you’re saying Bert about people getting you in for a quote, but as Paul mentioned, even if someone told me exactly what to do, I’d probably manage to botch it anyway. So best get them to do it anyway.

I may have explained that wrong, I was not meaning for you to do it yourself, but rather use some of those skills and ideas from the actual specialists to get ideas. Its amazing how good some of these people are and much better than the so called designers who charge you 10 times the price. I had one say to me once, they are just finger pointers but can charge way more than me for doing nothing, just because of their persona.