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Kami, post: 239714, member: 84397 wrote:
It will be absolutely free for everyone. !

Ok my red flag radar just went to high alert, another website offering everything for free. Yes and Santa Claus is bringing me a huge bonus this year as well…

Kami, post: 239714, member: 84397 wrote:
Of course, the price estimates will be just an indication of what the customer will pay.

Yesh yeah, Santa Claus is coming to town tomorrow. I stopped giving out estimates even within a ball park range years ago. Say said client rings me and says I have an acre to mow, I can virtually tell you site unseen how much I will quote, but I wont, because you turn up to look at the job, and its really 2 acres, its 10 foot tall, and there are 200 objects in your way. Oh sorry kind potential client I know I said $190 to $350 on the phone, and you did say it was only 1 acre, and that it was on 2 inches tall, but It will really be $420. Because of XYZ. Of course clients coming from your free website are all price driven, so the only thing they understood from everything said is $190, and then expect to negotiate downwards. Not upwards.

Kami, post: 239714, member: 84397 wrote:
The idea is to save time for both service seekers and tradies. Any opinion (positive and negative) is highly appreciated. Thank you!

It definitely wont save tradies any time, they will be running around turning up at jobs, which have gotten prices estimates from your ”free” website, and having to discuss (argue), with clients why they cant do the job for the price quoted.

The number of associates I know that are giving up on sites like service seeking for this exact reason is ongoing.