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Time passes at the same steady pace every day, as with many small business operators sometimes there seems to be not enough. The past month has been particularly active on several related fronts.

As part of the hosting party for an investment tour from Changzhou in Jiangsu Province on the 26th of February had a lot of fun and made some valuable contacts. Another 6-8 minutes of prime time coverage to and audience of 80 million viewers in China for the town and region. Our second in two months.
Being active in business and not isolating yourself is a difficult course to plot at times. Which is where playing golf has kept my social contacts alive. That faded in the past few months due to the intensity required to make sure that several vital events and the ongoing learning process were optimized.

Guest accommodation business is in it’s last few months. The time to move on after 5 successful years has come. I will certainly miss the fun and excitement of greeting new people into my home. The first hand experience and knowledge of the world and generational change from this is a major part of my new ventures.

The App business is continuing to grow and increase slowly each month across the spectrum of marketing, sales, promotion and downloads. The two more currently in development will bring the total to six published in side 12 months. Which is almost the full complement for 2016/17.

Received confirmation that my spot at the May 5,6,7 – 2017 China Initiative, Investment forum was set. Now putting together the product display and staffing for this event. It is never hectic in my world of operation, making that specific effort to step away from the serious, dedicated focus on the business is an integral part of the success.