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Greg_M, post: 239305, member: 38207 wrote:
I just hit your link to [URL=’http://www.chairpro.com.au…and’%5Dwww.chairpro.com.au…and%5B/URL%5D that’s working fine, so your DNS records must be set up OK.

chairpro.com obviously isn’t.

If you want chairpro.com to point at the .com.au version it’s fairly straight forward (or should be) to alter your DNS records so it does. Your IT person should be able to do it easily if they’ve edited your records previously ( assuming you have the .com with the same DNS provider)

Hi Greg,
I’m using http://www.chairpro.com.au NOT http://www.chairpro.com, which I haven’t registered (not necessary at this juncture).
Thanks for your comments.