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Hi Laura,

First time I’ve really reviewed this thread and I think the idea has merit, so here’s my 2 cents worth off the top of my head.

From my point of view “affordable” will be the key word, how you work that out is a real challenge (currently having this issue with a service I’m trying to get up).

You’ve said previously that many soloists are not trying to build mega businesses but are looking to have sustainable and manageable businesses that suit their lifestyles rather than be at the mercy of a “job” ( I note that this seems to be validated by the FS survey). If this is the case then any “on costs” obviously have to offer a real benefit to be subscribed to, and then possibly only intermittently, so I think you’d need a broad subscription base to “sustain” your experts. Building that base would be doable, but pretty tough imo…I’ve seen one “upmarket” clone of FS come and go since I’ve been posting here, maybe there were others?

My only other observation is, that for me there’s actually too many things on your “list”. For e.g. I have no real interest in accounting or finance ( I leave it to a proven specialist that’s covered my bum for years)…there’s a couple of others like graphic design and SEO that would leave me cold too.

So, would it be feasible to have areas of expertise as optional “modules” that are subscribed to (or not)? This option maybe too messy to manage and probably irrelevant if the overall subscription rate is perceived as good value.

Personally the “quality’ of your experts would not worry me too much initially, my assumption would be that the moderator knew what they were doing in selecting them…I’d then make a judgement call based on the advice offered (possibly a bit harder for someone new to business) and review the subscription accordingly.

What I’d be prepared to pay would be directly proportional to the value and exclusiveness of the service…for a just closed shop forum that was a little broader in scope but was free of “rubbish”, $20 per month would be about top crack for my budget.

Hope you get some traction, good luck.