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Anthony Michaud, post: 239584, member: 16710 wrote:
Don’t ask / Don’t Tell = don’t blame me if you choose to do what I advised you and it doesn’t work in the future / you get charged massive over-usage charges. Sorry, but I’ve got a healthy skepticism for sales guys who won’t commit to what they’re selling you, especially when they ‘forget’ to tell you about VOIP and the associated issues with porting of number later.

There shouldn’t be any further charge when the 4G kicks in as it’s all part of the plan.

You’re definitely right though, the sales guy is just covering his arse in case anything goes wrong.

bb1, post: 239593, member: 53375 wrote:
And you believe a sales person

I know. I am human. I am weak. They tell me what I want to hear.

Jake Gardner, post: 239599, member: 60004 wrote:
Definitely do not go with DOT it is too hard to move away from if you don’t like it.

Anthony Michaud, post: 239608, member: 16710 wrote:
To be fair, DOT isn’t THAT bad, if you’ve got enough bandwidth and are going in with your eyes open to the conditions that you’re getting into. Personally, I advocate the flexibility of being able to change providers on YOUR schedule, not theirs. The sales guy might not even know what it is he’s getting you into – he’s just looking at the bottom line.

I elected to go with Telstra in the end due to the 4G back-up because I cannot afford any downtime but the bad reviews you’re both giving regarding DOT has me regretting it.

Divert To Mobile, post: 239819, member: 37472 wrote:
Hi Panamax,

There shouldn’t be any downtime when porting numbers. The winning carrier should have their systems ready before the port happens.
Between telstra and optus i would take telstra.


Thanks. That confirmation by you and others helped scratch that off the decision table.