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[USER=78928]@Paul – FS Concierge[/USER] – I agree, I feel the pricing should be more visible from the get go. After all, that is why users have come to the site to buy a service, so I really shouldn’t convolute the process of finding them. Thank you. Taken on board.

[USER=38207]@Greg_M[/USER] Well spotted! I knew you guys were helpful I didn’t expect a fine tooth comb helpful. Appreciate your time. I settled for a google map iframe, although, mapbox does look very tasty. I’ve since added it to the toolbox for future dev.

[USER=53375]@bb1[/USER] What a kind thing to say. Truth be told, I cannot stand CSS, it’s far too susceptible to ‘CSS explosion’ even if care is taken to make sure no style creep occurs. In addition to that, due to my somewhat pixel perfection I find it takes me ages to move divs into their correct positions, so it puts me off designing sites professionally. I get frustrated doing it for myself, heaven knows what it must be like with a customer breathing down your neck. Thanks for the feedback.

@J.Zkan cheers :)

[USER=80732]@Easysmb[/USER] Top marks! Very valid points. I was hoping that by putting a text box and inviting users to type what they want would make it appear more user-friendly, but I think you’re right. Users are all too familiar with seeing menus, so it seems odd to remove them. Look what happened to Windows 8 and the start button. Everyone had a meltdown because their menu didn’t appear when pressed.