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johnnycashflow, post: 239606, member: 79207 wrote:
Strictly hypothetically
assume the app I have in my mind is very good and useful,
I have no programming or IT skills,

lets asume for example , the app I want t ocreate
is similar to an app that grabs all your bank details and shows the balance of your loans, savings, credit cards and reminds you of your next due date etc . etc etc

an app that keeps track of all of your gift cards and expiry dates etc. etc.

on the assumption the app is very useful

is it even possible to make a business out of it

You read stories about even 10 yr olds creating some app (im sure they have no programming skills) and its taken off,

where on earth would you start???

wouldnt the banks catch up on the idea nad create their own one??

can you even legally create an app that taps into property of a bank?

do you creat the app and sell it to the banks,
I know of a friend of a friend who has been trying to program an app to dowith restaurnats and hes been doing it for 2 years and no where near finishing!

sorry im just totally clueless in the app world

I do not use my own banks apps, i find it easy enough to do what is required online from the desktop. The branch closed in the town where I live and that has a lot to do with the online banking and financial transactions.

So bank customers do use apps and online services. That is the first thing to at least have, people.

My bank provides all that you have suggested already to me online and through their app if I elected to use that service.

I have one published app of my own creation that came about after 4 years of development beginning with direct customer contact, seeing the potential, researching how to develop the app, live testing, sales and the myriad of other requirements. With two more apps ready to be launched later in 2016. They are not unique there are others out there like mine.

Ten year olds developing a successful app, is like saying the 1960’s band Beatles were an overnight sensation. The apps by the young are successful because they target small micro markets. They sure do not make millions let alone thousands. Start small and build up your business that is the key to small business success. There is no other way except steady working and earning income. Build the bank then look at what you are doing to put money into your bank and then see if that can be developed further.