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2nite, post: 239786, member: 17016 wrote:
In such a crowded Internet, small business owners have no chance on a page 1 ranking unless their business or product is absolutey niche. I tell my friends not to bother unless they want to pay hundred to Sensis.
Hi 2Nite,
With respect, SEO is not about ranking to some “frequently used” search terms, it is about delivering relevant visitors to a website from generic searches as cost-effectively as possible.

It starts with defining the site owner’s:

  • priority clients
  • the priority products/services the site owners want to promote
  • the types of industries they want to service
  • the applications, problems, solutions they want to solve

Then there is the target customer’s location. Google says that 20-25% of all searches have a local intent. That’s a huge advantage for businesses that have a location attribute in their target markets. Location targeting is frequently a problem for the big national/International websites.

I suggest most of the small business owners on FS will be pulling their clients from a small geographic area. You can include in this most trades, professional services, bricks & mortar retailers, B2B suppliers, etc.

Search niches can be created by targeting many more attributes than simply a business category or product type.

If you target ranking for a few “frequently used” search words, your pages will be there when people start their search (if you can afford it). The average searches per session was around 5. Business owners want their pages to rank well for the hundreds/thousands of search phrases when people finish their searches.

If you do it well, you could expect 70% of a small bus website traffic to be generated by search phrases that are used less than 10 times per month.

It’s usually easy to do this because the big sites don’t/can’t target market niches defined this way.