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Welsh Dog, post: 239703, member: 84690 wrote:
Actually, we’re still not sure if they are producing yet… or if so how much. The vendor said he wasn’t going to waste time discussing the farm with people who weren’t really interested so wanted someone to sign up first.

Wow really, and you signed. Ok, so you may have made the mistake of your life, but anyhow, now that you are committed, sure get as much info from the vendor. But than I would very quickly get onto you local guru’s in the nuts and truffles areas and have a good chat to them. Sure this forum will give you a lot of good info. But you need local knowledge, not just of the market conditions in that area, but also how much fact, but more importantly how much fiction your vendor may have told you. I know a local real estate agent, and he always says to me if the vendor is unwilling to talk before contracts are signed, you should be extremely unwilling to sign.

The local guru’s will know how much is the average yield for your area, they may even have contacts for selling, or value adding yourself.

Talk to these people as well