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Hi Welsh Dog,

Congrats on the purchase. The guys above have provided some great advice. As a son of primary producers I spent many a summer helping with (or, more commonly, avoiding) orchard work. The great thing is you’re not really time pressured prior to your trees reaching maturity. But, you obviously want to make the most of your harvest prior to then.

Fresh produce comes with a wide range of options well worth investigating thoroughly prior to deciding on your goals. Organic certification will also provide you with additional options you may choose to pursue. However, understanding your markets, options and broad goals (both personal and business) should be your first step.

From the looks of the above, you’re most interested in finding a wholesaler (e.g. SPC – but local) or a local distributor. However, you may find selling at local markets more enjoyable. Exploring your options over the next few years (prior to the hazelnut’s reaching maturity) is certainly an approach you may wish to pursue. You may even choose multiple approaches depending on your personal goals and preference.

Once you’ve got your broad goals, it’s best to revisit your options to see which markets and produce products support their achievement, and then start investigating the little things like jars, labels and so forth. Otherwise, it can be a little like putting the chicken before the egg.

Once you’ve defined your core business goals, then start putting a business plan together addressing everything in between.