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Dear Guy , See below:

So I have found a few suppliers around the same area in China, I would like to bring over a 20ft container with mixed products from the multiple suppliers. How do I go about this? <-- somewhat messy but easy depending on their level of skill and industry experience, seek a forwarder Would I simply use a freight forwarder and get them to arrange the suppliers deliver to one of their warehouses in China and pack it into the container? <-- Yes , for a first time shipper that is correct until you go there and build relationships, along with the forwarders/ brokers.

if this is correct how much would this add to my cost? <-- ask them to quote you a ex works shipment but it will be fcx from diff suppliers. Don’t give them address of the suppliers just suburbs for pickup.

Also as a first timer what are the average cost of bringing a 20ft container from China to Australia. <-- i'm already doing the job in my head , obviously require more details but expect a little bit more then the average 1 supplier with 1 container.factor in, Inland transport costs , export doc clearance, frt + local australian charges, CMR charge+ bogus charges + clearance charges, Duty, EEC , GST and Aqis if any + delivery. Hopefully someone can provide some sound advice – Hope i’ve helped.!:)

recommend a company to deal with – Some people on here are brokers and forwarders , you can get a quote from.. i really just use forwarders as a tool for my clients to get their shipment from A-Z. Australia has heaps.