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This acctually happens often here. One buyer gather his goods from several suppliers into onw container. Normally the suppliers wiould be glad to offer their help. Besides, your buying from multi other suppliers will increase your points in credit and importance. There would be some pressure to the suppliers too as they “might have other competitors”. If it is the same area, the factories would be willing to send the goods to where you would have the container loaded (the local frieght the factories pay will be lower than most of the forwarders you hired).

What you need to consider is: 1. Control the time of the deliveries. make the deliveries arrive short time before the container loading. in case a big volume of goods from other factories (possible competitors) take a lot of storage space of the factory where container will be loaded. 2. So arrange for the small volumes to be delivered to bigger order supplier. 3. Coordinate the loading fee (labor) cost. 4. Most important of all, Coordinate the different factories and your forwarder for customs clearing (not a hard work but it needs some special attention. some factories may quoted in USD, even mention the trading term FOB, but they didnot really mean they would handle the customs. Some factories quoted EXW but they need to officially clear customs in China to balance account)

If you want to have all goods gathered in logistic company warehouse and have container loaded there, it would be easier but you will have to pay for more.

What you may have to pay:
1. Local freight (from factories to warehouse, this might be on suppliers)
2. Warehouse renting (per CBM per day, but there would be some free days if you use the container services).
3. Pallets and fumigation(if any).
4. truckign and Loading fee (might be included in shipping quotation).
5. Customs clearance fee. Some factories(usually big factories) can or must handle the customs clearing for the VAT refund, so they will pay the customs fees. but some other factories ( most of the suppliers you have fromchina –smaller size factories), do not pay VAT so the goods cannot be exported in normal way, in this case the forwarders will handle it, which means there are extra fees-for buying /forging(quite quite common in this business) documents, and customs clearing. These fees can be cheap because many logistic companies can get money refund from government from this kind of exporting.
6. Freight and misceluous fees from shipping company. you can get quotation from forwarders
7. Customs cost and port cost at destination port. you can get from your brokers.
8. Tarrif.
9. If unlucky, a spot check on containers at the destination port. you have to pay for it.
10. Trucking and unloading cost.