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Hi David,

A huge welcome to you, this is an exciting time for you, I love these products, but you are up against some stiff competition in the PWS arena, I have used ZoneSafe myself for many many years, but based on your website, you are getting a good market share with your client base listed.

I googled “proximity warning systems” and you came up on the first page of google, so you are doing something right :)

Firstly, are the clients you listed using this products, if so you need to leverage them for all their work sites.

SEO – I think you are doing OK, seeing as you are the first listed on Google from a generic search.

I come from a Operations, Safety and Training Mining background, and all my contacts are in the Safety arena and believe me when I say they are not searching niche terms, they are searching generic terms, they are search PWS etc as that is what is listed in most SOP’s , so that’s what they search.

You can use some custom key words and long tail key words (questions) like:

  • collision prevention
  • plant and pedestrian collision prevention
  • proximity warning detection system
  • Plant and pedestrian Safety
  • pedestrian warning systems
  • electronic Proximity Warning and Alert System
  • How do I reduce the risk of plant (or you can use vehicle) and pedestrian collisions etc etc

I also ask how is your LinkedIn profile going, this is critical for YOUR target market, I have about 120 Safety Manager connection on my profile 80% mining with some civil construction thrown in and I work on growing this every week.

I hope this helps :)