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Thanks so much for your replies its really great to make this connection!

Johnny i read your post and it brought up some questions for me.

Ive read a few blogs where they say to take a suitcase with wheels to carry all of the catalogues in – but then I also saw something about a scanner or something where you can keep track of all of the products you’re interested in through an online account? Can it replace the catalogues or should i not rely on it.

Another thing, where you said that the suppliers will be able to tell my level of experience and to play my cards close to my chest, what should i be watching out for and should i try to come across like ive done this before? Lol

Jason the Starbucks sounds perfect! Ill definitely be taking on your advice. I won’t be doing much else there other than the fair. I fly in on the Saturday evening, spend Sunday/Monday at the fair, then heading to a hotel at the airport Monday night to fly home Tuesday morning. If i had someone with me Id be exploring a lot more but am keeping it really simple this time around.

Ive read that the prices at the fair are always inflated and that its best to wait until you return home to do any business. Is this true?

Im wondering also, do the suppliers let you purchase samples to take home and would glassware be allowed on the plane with my carry on luggage? Im sourcing candle glassware and reed diffuser jars etc.

Thanks again for your help!!