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If you have a written scope of work and have completed that work to that specification, what the client does to it after hand over is out of your control.

They have taken upon themselves to modify by dismantling: you have no way to inspect or rectify. You have to ask:

Do you want a happy client? (The fact is that no matter what now, you wont be happy with the situation)

1. Explain these points to the client. They most certainly should not have dismantled the counter until you had a chance to inspect it. The most they should have done was take any equipment off the counter. You can try explaining this. The client isn’t going to be happy.

2. The best thing you can probably do is try to leverage the best you can out of it. Inspect what is left (is it only dismantled or has it been cut/destroyed) see if it can be re-assembled/remade, see what can be done. If you can salvage a happy client out of it, explain that they really must not do what they did. Try to get a stellar testimonial out of it.

It sounds like your client hasn’t had something like this happen before. You could gently inform them that if something like this happens again for anything, the worst thing they can do is what they have just done (dismantling) because now a difficult situation is worse.

I think the key part is that no matter what, you are going to be stuffed around. Recognise it and try for the best outcome with that constraint. The worst thing you could do is abandon the client. You might be able to work a discount in there (to recover some extra costs) if the counter is salvageable.