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bb1, post: 239932, member: 53375 wrote:
It actually helps me sleep better at night, since I let my web site drop f(no plummet) from page one, the quality of my new client enquiry has shot up.

Now my opposition who has taken over page one, is dealing with all of the low quality clients.

There is a big misconception (spruiked by SEO and marketers), that page 1, and mobile responsiveness is the be all and end all of the FS community.

I don’t necessarily disagree with you Bert, my response was a technical one and a test result like that would mean I’d stuffed up badly.

Outside the marketing hoo-ha there is a genuine demand from a sector of the website market that only wants mobile focused websites, they believe rightly or wrongly that that’s where their customers are on online…in fact they have a reverse bias and don’t care how they perform (websites) or what they look like on larger screens.

None of my customers would even know the term “responsive”, or care.

And (you’ll like this) they’re only peripherally interested in Google and SEO…but they do get value out of their sites just not with content marketing or SEO. For most it’s just too hard, too expensive and too boring.