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Sherryn McBride
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whooyeah, post: 239923, member: 5778 wrote:
Most websites could easily be updated in a day or two depending on how the site is built, how many pages it has and what sort of templating engine was used. How much 2 days development would cost can be anything from $500 to about $2000 (possibly more if you were to employ a development company) depending on the seniority or skill level of the developer. you also need to take into account time for testing and amends plus you will probably realise that there was some feature that you wanted updated whilst they are there.

For new projects most developers now use modern css frameworks which make websites responsive by default. But when you start a project be sure to flag it with whoever is designing or developing your website.

Also remember, in the last Google keynote they said it’s not “Mobile first” we should be aiming for any more it’s “AI First”!

Thanks for sharing some ball park costings Wayne, it puts some perspective around whether to budget for it or not.