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Hi all, pleased to virtually meet you.

More searches being conducted these days from mobile devices compared to desktop. The tipping point for this was in 2014/2015. The trend and forecasts clearly show that mobile is only getting bigger and bigger. If your business website is not yet mobile responsive, it really is time to get this item off the to-do list.

And no, you don’t HAVE to be on page one of google. Getting there is extremely difficult. And companies who blindly promise to achieve this for you on small to medium budgets outright lie. But 97% of internet searches start with Google. And Google is making mobile friendly websites a priority and displays their SERP results higher compared to non mobile responsive sites. So why, if the investment to create a mobile responsive site is reasonable, would you give yourself this disadvantage compared to your competitors.

Think about it from a user (or your clients) perspective. If they end up on my site, not enjoying the experience, not being able to find relevant information on their mobile – they will leave, without giving you their business…it is as simple as that.