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bb1, post: 240008, member: 53375 wrote:
Does it matter, if none of them do, than that’s a standard that mobile users are most likely used to. The number of people I know that just don’t have anything but a mobile device is on the increase, so obviously to a growing number they don’t really care.
Really, or is this just hearsay, remember hearsay is not allowed in Judge Judy’s courtroom..LOL
Hi Bert,
False assumption, Mate. They are not all the same speed, far from it.

I suggest the range of page load speeds are much greater with mobile-
enabled than before its introduction.

Every single mobile usability study I’ve read since they started conducting them, anywhere in the world has said the user’s first priority is speed.

They’ve all shown

  • The fastest pages will lose fewer sales/enquiries
  • The fastest sites have lower bounce rates
  • More people people will return to the fastest sites.

I could fill pages with studies like the following:

Load Time and Mobile Compatibility Top Online Shopper Demands [Study]
“Consumer survey fact: More than 50% of online shoppers use multiple devices while shopping.”

“Consumer survey fact: 62% of online shoppers will wait 5 seconds or less for a page to load before they leave.”

The same study reports that only 13% will wait longer then 10 seconds.

4 awesome slides showing how page speed correlates to business metrics at Walmart.com
“For every 1 second of improvement they experienced up to a 2% increase in conversions
For every 100 ms of improvement, they grew incremental revenue by up to 1%
SEO benefits for entry pages and reduce bounces”

Why do you think Google is pushing AMP pages and more answers in its Knowledge Graph? I suggest it is already moving to faster solutions than the mobile-enhanced web so it does not lose ad revenue.

Google Shares AMP Growth Rate & Expands To Recipes & iOS & Android Apps
“The first is that they (Google) indexed 125 million AMP documents across 640,000 domains and that it is expanding to the iOS & Android app and recipe cards.”

Google only announced its AMP project in Oct 2015. Not bad growth in less than one year.

Google’s Knowledge Graph May Show For 25% Of All Search Queries

I suggest that if designers/developers don’t put load speed at the core of their mobile web work, they won’t have a job for long.

FS Biz Owners,
I’d insist on load speed performance parameters being an essential factor in any website quotation you consider.
Best Regs,