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I use:

  • Fastmail for email etc…sometimes set it up for clients too (they’re Australian and close to bullet proof).
  • Squarespace for clients wanting/needing a CMS
  • Ruby/Rack with Puma as the app server for most other sites…currently using Sinatra as a lightweight framework/DSL- looking at Python/Django as a possibility.
  • Git for version control and deployment
  • DNSimple for DNS hosting.
  • Variety of Cloud hosting options-Heroku is winning this one atm.
  • Atom text editor
  • Materialize CSS framework (currently)…sometimes Bootstrap (when a client wants a cheap template site-there’s hundreds of them)
  • Unsplash (awesome) for stock images
  • Dropbox
  • Slack (when there’s someone to collaborate with)
  • Wave accounting
  • various email newsletters to stay in the loop
  • Twitter for entertainment, news feed and searching.
  • WhatsApp for mucking about, staying in touch
  • Last but not least-good old fashioned notebooks…can’t be hacked require no backing up and I can organise them any way I like.

Nothing Google (call me paranoid) apart from an account to access whatever service I may need for clients, nothing MicroSoft.