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Paul – FS Concierge
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Greg_M, post: 240083, member: 38207 wrote:
[USER=84887]@Chrispro[/USER] – Wave suits me just fine so far and my accountant likes it (finished the argument for me).

I haven’t found the ads too intrusive, I’m probably a bit “banner blind” though. You get a few emails too, mostly just transaction reports with the occasional offer thrown in the mix…it can’t be too bad because I haven’t even tried to turn anything off as yet (don’t know if you can)…and unsubscribe is usually the first thing I look for in promotional emails.

I have tried Xero, Saasu and I was quite a serious user of Freshbooks when I had a bigger volume of work on, I think Wave is just as intuitive to use perhaps better.

Now that I have made a conscious choice to keep my workload and turnover down, cost is a factor, and it’s why I chose Wave initially.

A while back I went off Cloud accounting mainly because of cost relative to how much work I was doing (I’d now rather have a day off than pay a subscription :) ), and I used Easybooks (a desktop Mac app) for a year or two. It worked a treat and I liked it, but I found it too hard to share info, and or let my accountant in, and I really hate printing stuff off for them to interpret.

The big test was last financial year, I’ve moved interstate and was a little concerned whether my accountant would be happy to work remotely…moving to Wave I thought I could probably find someone else if necessary.

Turned out he had quite a few remote clients, and took to Wave like a duck to water. One email letting him in, he downloaded whatever he wanted and my tax was organised before the end of the day…I didn’t need to leave my chair.

One thing you may want to check though, is how it handles GST, again by choice I keep my turnover below the mark so I haven’t investigated that area, but I do know of larger businesses that use it, so it must have some capacity somewhere.

It’s worth a serious look, and it costs nothing but time to try it.

I use Wave and it handles GST on invoices fine. I do my BAS manually though – 1 hour job 4 x per year.