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James Millar
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John Debrincat, post: 240045, member: 2969 wrote:
Hi James,

I think that you just stepped from the world of accounting into financial advice and investment. Most (probably all) companies need an accountant but not necessarily financial advice and investment.

It sounds like the services that you are offering are comprehensive and that you have a lot of experience. Yes I do define accountants as providing accountancy services.

A start up business needs to get the basics right and unfortunately that does not always happen. 90% of start-ups fail, generally within 2 years, and it is the basics that they get wrong.

I appreciate that there may be financial practitioners out there with investments in start-up and even co-funded businesses. But I don’t choose my auto mechanic on the number of cars they might own or my doctor on his hospital share portfolio.

Sorry if that comes across as a bit abrupt it is not meant to be personal. I have been working with and mentoring small businesses and startups for a long time and its the business 101 stuff that gets them past the first 2 years.

Luckily we had a great accountant that helped us get past that first two years and now almost 14 years later I am really glad they knew the “debits and credits” and they are still our accountants.


Ok so using your analogy. If I had a performance V8 car and wanted it cared for by a mechanic, then at the same given price, would I choose (a) an excellent general mechanic that didn’t drive that particular car or (b) an excellent general mechanic that happened to also race my particular model car on the weekends and that knew the parts, nuances, issues, model history. For the same price I’ll take (b) every day of the week. And if say an Oncologist was also a founding stakeholder of a say a specialist cancer clinic / foundation, all else the same would I choose him/her over an otherwise standard oncologist. Probably.

Sorry I just don’t follow the logic of accepting less when you can have more.

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