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John Debrincat
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JamesMillar, post: 240048, member: 5318 wrote:
Ok so using your analogy. If I had a performance V8 car and wanted it cared for by a mechanic, then at the same given price, would I choose (a) an excellent general mechanic that didn’t drive that particular car or (b) an excellent general mechanic that happened to also race my particular model car on the weekends and that knew the parts, nuances, issues, model history. For the same price I’ll take (b) every day of the week. And if say an Oncologist was also a founding stakeholder of a say a specialist cancer clinic / foundation, all else the same would I choose him/her over an otherwise standard oncologist. Probably.

Sorry I just don’t follow the logic of accepting less when you can have more.
Ha Ha analogy madness I love it James thanks!

Having raced cars for about 20 or more years (I’m over it now) I would take (a) every time. The worst thing that can happen to a race car is letting a race driver maintain it.

I have never been an oncologist or had cancer (touch wood) so I’ll let you have that one but begrudgingly.

Ahhh sometimes less is more as espoused in Art of War by Sun Tzu.