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Chrispro, post: 240135, member: 84887 wrote:
Rather than trying to find individual businesses that need a website or piece of software tested my thinking is that you need to investigate partnerships with software/app development houses. I know for sure that a lot of them aren’t testing well enough. A good partnership with a couple of other firms might bring you more business than you can handle. You might have to make sure your pricing is pretty competitive so they’ll give you a go but the advantage is that if the design house is coming to you for future testing you’re just maintaining a relationship with the one client, not with 20. In return they have a more valuable product to sell since it has been tested properly. Win-win.
Good idea, but the immidiate downfall is the suggestion of competetive pricing, plus only one client… all your eggs in one basket, plus the constant push of having to be cheaper than the next upstart, whereas if you have multiple specialised clients, you may be able to charge more plus you are not at the whim of one client who can control you and your destiny