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Hi Aish,

Chris beat me to it, I was going to suggest the same idea for approaching a variety of development houses. :)

To help with getting more clients etc, I think you should put more information on your website. Currently it’s very limited on practical information, maybe some info graphics explaining the process or Step 1, 2, 3 etc Explaining exactly what you do.

  • Do you do full UAT’s of Web Applications etc, to what level do you test?
  • Do you create testing documents for each client specific to their needs?
  • What is the end product? Do you produce a written report with a defect register.

In the past I have used UserTesting for my Web Applications (SaaS) if you look at their site you will see a lot of “How it Works” “What we do” etc

All of these items are VERY important to have on your website as this may be the first point of contact for anyone searching for this type of service and if they can’t clearly see what you will do for them they may go to the next site.

I frequently use external tester, I never test my own applications as I know too much about them, so it’s critical I use an external resource to check my system logic and support tools.
I hope this helps, it is a great services you are offering you just need to get more information out there.