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Paul – FS Concierge
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My next great customer service example of what not to do to a customer with dollars in their hands.

Busily working away at my biggest job today, and my mower decides to break, quickly work out what is wrong, and ring the dealer, and explain the situation, and that I am half finished. They say bring it straight around and we will fix it. Off I trot, ten minutes later the service department have dropped everything and are busily fixing it, no issue straight into it. GREAT customer service.

My plan had being to replace it anyhow and I was going in next week to buy a new one, so while they busy at it, I go over to the sales department to hand them some more dollars, well the first salesman wasn’t interested, and tried to get another salesman, but he was to busy twiddling his thumbs, so number one took all my details what I wanted, etc, and promised to ring me with a price by 3PM, not even take 5 minutes to give me a price, but send me away. I watched him later and he proceeded to twiddle his thumbs as well. BAD customer service. I knew exactly what I wanted, didn’t even want to look at it, or take it for a test drive, they could have sold a $7000.00 mower in 15 minutes, and happily moved on for the day.

In the mean time the service department broke record speeds and had me out and running again in 90 minutes.

A footnote to this is that they did the same 18 months ago and missed out on a $20,000 sale, I only went back because of convenience, I have already sent an email to their opposition who I know will happily take my money.

If a customer is in front of you, take their money, don’t let them walk out the door.
Awesome post Bert.

Business 101 is so important – keep your eyes on the prize and deliver on your promises – or don’t make them!