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Steve SME Business Coach
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Thanks Joel, that’s good to hear! My idea is very formative at this stage and I guess is being guided by my experiences as an employed business coach (my day job!)

In this role, we come up against lots of issues that we help clients work through which include:

  • Vision – ensuring that a crystal clear vision for the business is in place to help focus and guide decision making
  • Financial awareness (basics of understanding P&Ls, balance sheets and cashflow) and budgeting.
  • Time management – a massive subject where HUGE gains can be made.
  • Delegation and accountability
  • Systemising for accuracy, scalability and efficiency.
  • Mindset – tackling limiting beliefs, solutions focused and dispelling the “It’s easier for me to do this myself” myth. Again, mindset is a massive area which takes up the majority of my coaching time. I find that the majority of ‘business problems’ such as cashflow, poor team performance, work/life balance issues come back to the business owner’s mindset.
  • Leadership – many business owners start out as competent technicians and then have to grapple with management and leadership.

What sort of areas do you feel that SMEs might need help?