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Paul – FS Concierge
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Steve SME Business Coach, post: 240462, member: 87293 wrote:
Hi Paul

That’s exactly where I am at!

I have a pretty good idea of my client profiles – I will be leaning towards familiarity and experience and targeting business owners who are stuck at the $1m mark, primarily in trades, professional services etc. The businesses that I know best are bricks and mortar businesses, so the online side is more of a challenge for me.

I understand the basics of the strategy with content creation focusing on pain points and their desires, but probably a more clarity here would be good.

I think you’re spot on with the starting point Paul – that would probably be a lot more compelling than the ‘lead magnet’ I have been focusing on for the past 3 weeks….

Hi Steve,

I will provide more info when I have more time but this is the post that changed my life because it gave me a clarity and laser focus around positioning and messaging that I did not have before.


A good short read even if you know your market inside out.

Overall, is it possible to work offline strategies and tactics in concert with online, eg Direct sales, keynote speaking, industry publications advertising, join a BNI, guest speaker at chambers of commerce, industry functions etc.

Online, I feel you would get the most out of your time researching how to market to groups – Linkedin Groups, Facebook Groups and Google groups.

I did this free course on Udemy which introduces the concept and I found very useful.


For reading about online strategies, the guy that virtually invented on-line marketing, Jeff Walker has a book on Amazon called “Launch” – it is a great place to start.

I hope some of that helps and keep us updated.