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Peter – FS Administrator, post: 240244, member: 1 wrote:
Hi Christina,

Congrats on getting the products in production and website up and running :)

As Mischelle mentioned it’s such a deceptively hard slog to get from idea to live, and then from being live to generating regular sales. On that note, I do hope that you see the feedback as just steps along that path rather then criticism, as I know it can come across as a bit too brutally honest at a vulnerable business stage!

As others have mentioned, I really like the simplicity of the design. There’s never a ‘right’ answer in labelling design, but I also really like the clean black & white labelling, as I feel it matches the pared back brand you have with a small number of natural ingredients etc… while you can’t appeal to everyone, I think that will resonate with what I imagine your target audience may be.

As a few others have pointed out, this simplicity could be balanced nicely over time by adding some words and imagery with more of your personal story – perhaps descriptions or images of how it’s made, why you love it, how it’s used, how it makes you feel, why your started, your background/passions, customer reviews eventually etc… as a small business owner this personality and handmade message can help you stand out with a point of difference. Your personality starts to shine through in the FAQs, so as Mischelle also suggested expanding on some of that tone/content and brining it into other pages and product descriptions could work nicely.

Having said all that, don’t be overwhelmed by all the feedback or think that you have to take it all on board in a hurry – or at all. Just pick what makes sense to you and chip away over time. The reality is that websites and marketing are never finished :) … they are always in a state of continual improvement and re-invention. Getting up and running is the first massive hurdle that many don’t get past.

All the best with the business,


Thank you so much for your advice and opinion. I am glad that you like the labelling as it has been a bit of an issue, some like it some hate it so im still up in the air about it.

I do agree about adding a bit more info as you suggested and I will definitely look into making the changes

Thanks again