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BitOfEverything, post: 240255, member: 87317 wrote:
I also want to brand myself with regards to videography and photography editing solutions.
Does anyone have any advice how I could include both in a company name? I’ve built up a portfolio for media work done which will be available on my website with my tech background etc but I’m stuck on deciding on a name and ultimately my domain.
Thanks for any help.


Firstly welcome to the forum :)

I agree with Bert, rather than try and come up with one company name to suit both, go for, 1 company with 2 business names.

I have this structure, I have one over arching company with multiple brands and services, so they have either business names for services and trademarks for products.

The Company name is very generic (IE ABC Services Pty Ltd), so it can be used for all my services, and then the brands and services have their own names.

That way you can create names to suit your services and you can run separate websites for each, I have many of those :)

Going this way helps you really target your names to suit your services and market.

Good luck and we are here if you need us.