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Hi Pasha,

I am assuming by your comment you are manufacturing these yourself in your garage? If so, you need to keep a tight track on your timing to make sure you can make a profit.

1. Profit margin for mfg. as small business

Profit margin calculations has many elements, but the main one is Cost of Goods, how much does it cost you to make the product? Time to make, materials, overheads (including insurance) etc. Below are a couple of reference points for you.



2. Can my shop with desktop tools be run from garage? The Council regulations have completed procedures. Any experience?

Many many many people do this, my Dad hand makes wooden gifts in his shed and sells them at the markets. Just be aware of YOUR council requirements and noise. Some councils will require you to do a self-assessment checklist for your home business, it’s really easy, download a form and complete the checklist.

3. As it a start-up not full time job(like hubby) which insurance types are needed?

Regardless of part time or full time, if you are running a business you need to protect yourself and your customers. Speak to a broker (there are a few on this forum) .

4. As now, I’m thinking for online sale. Is that working as opposed to front shops?

You can do online to start, but I also suggest the markets. You are making hand made products and have business cards to hand out to direct people to your online store as well.

I hope some of this helps, keep us posted and keep asking questions
Mischelle :)