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Hello and welcome to to FS,

First up, there is an Australian platform that sounds like it will cover most of your requirements- http://www.ecorner.com.au

Unless you want to get your hands dirty with technical stuff (and I don’t blame you for avoiding it) I think the bottom line is that you’ll need to be prepared to pay the going market rates for an all you can eat, well optimised, and dedicated ecommerce platform… their fees are there for a reason (they need to make a profit too), and what you can do with them and how well they operate and convert sales will be directly proportional to that fee.

If you accept the premise that you’ll get what you pay for, then imo the big advantage of an Australian provider will be the current AU dollar exchange rate.

Shopify etc are brilliant platforms but the current exchange rate has made them a lot more expensive.

I’d never heard of Moonfruit or Rocketspark, but Rocketspark looks pretty interesting and the NZ exchange rate is OK.

At the risk of being blunt, if your business can’t carry $49 NZ per month in overhead or investment to build it, do you really have a business?

Good luck with it, whatever way you go.