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Steve SME Business Coach
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Hi, I haven’t checked out your site yet, but it might be a good one for my wife to jump on as she occasionally does some tutoring.

In answer to your question re marketing methodology for tutoring centres, the most cost effective in my opinion would be cold calling. However, as Mischelle above indicates, you would be best to ‘warm up’ the cold call as much as possible via introductions / referrals etc. A bit of time invested here will reap big rewards. Cold calling in the true sense of the word/phrase is not as effective as relationship building… this takes more time, but gets results.

Emails are likely going to go unread and advertising to a small target audience can be either hit and miss, or expensive or both! Just my opinion…

People often shy away from cold calling fearing rejection, but even with all the technology that is at our disposal today, in many situations, face-to-face contact is highly under-rated and effective…. most of my coaching clients would agree…. Just try ensure that the cold calls are ‘warm’ calls through networking etc

Good luck!