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Thanks Jacqui,

That info is very helpful, I had thought along the same prices you mentioned would be the fair/going rates… As a services business too, I hate to query prices because I know how much time/cost can go into something which you are not aware of as the client. On the flip side, that is why we are so upfront about costs, and if there is an issue which could push them higher, proactive in letting the client know.

& Thanks Bert,

We’re starting to think maybe we should query it either way too. We had the original estimate verbally (though I recorded it in my notes) from the previous accountant, so even though it was the same company, we put it down to ourselves not double checking prices with the new guy. However, they are the ones who swapped their accountants not us, so you’re right, they should still be following their existing agreements.

Appreciate all the help, we have learned a lot today.