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Mischelle, post: 240401, member: 60404 wrote:
Hi Esther,

Firstly welcome, and well done on a great looking website, but more importantly a great idea :).

More and more people will be looking for this type of service, I know my brother will soon be looking, I only have a few little comments on your site.

I understand that you are targeting a global market but I always believe establishing yourself as a trusted provider locally helps build clients and gives you people to write about in case studies. I suggest when you get a few clients, pick a couple that really stand out and contact them personally with a more hands on approach to see if they would consider being included in a case study.

Based on the domain and all the pages, other than “about us”, people do not know you’re an Australian company, you have a .net domain and USD pricing, so that could be a little confusing.

I suggest making it very clear on the home page you are Australian based and make sure the pricing is in AUD as default and let people select the country of choice. This is my personal opinion only, so take just take it into consideration.

You have a fantastic idea and the pricing is really good, and I am looking forward to hearing more about your journey.

Good luck
Mischelle :)

Hi Mischelle,

Thank you for your excellent ideas!! I really appreciate it.

1. You are right, I was thinking getting another .com.au domain! (.com is registered unfortunately) I will soon look into this. I will make it clear on home page as well.

2. About the currency.. I set the price in USD because I wanted to provide the service worldwide not exclusively Australia. And because we accept Paypal as payment method, customers can pay in their own currency and Paypal will convert the currency which I consider is more handy for both parties (your idea makes a lot of sense as well though)

3. I love your Canton Fair idea! People who attended to the fair are definitely my target customers.

Thank you for your help!

When your brother look into verification services, I can definitely provide some suggestions as well.