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we supply commercial product in the construction industry and b2b business.

I would think we would connect with interior design blogs, real estate, DIY etc type blogs.

I think we should all brainstorm..

What should the top 10 rules put in place when monitoring the services given by a back linking service?

I would think these things…

1) the pages they are linking from are been indexed correctly.

2) the DA is not been manipulated or faked.

3) the websites are .au sites (is that a big one?) and that the industries are relevant/related.

4) content written when guest blogging is high quality.

5) the hyperlink contains some form of keyword you are chasing and links back to either your homepage or product page.

can people think of any other ways to really knuckle down on some ground rules for the company we work with to follow/abide by?

In my experience you need strong ground rules at the start of every business deal and what is required as a check list for the deal been done.