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livelife12, post: 240387, member: 44018 wrote:
Have been quoted very high price of $250 USD which is like $375 per back link from a Philippines company/so called expert.

This price includes the article anchor text back link with DA of 30-50. In my opinion its damn expensive.
Hi Livelife12,
This is to comment on the backlink quote you received.

Apart from the location issues addressed above, this proposal has added worry points.

The performance metric of back links from DA (Domain Authority) sites of 30-50 is totally meaningless to YOU and only relevant to the supplying company as it gives them the lowest of performence bar imaginable.

DA is a term devised by an SE tool seller. It is not and never has been a ranking signal used by Google.

You could have 100s of links from sites with a DA of 100 that give absolutely no value to one of your site page’s ranking. (Here’s an old reference: 28 Oct 16 (that’s 2016, not 1916): Google: We Don’t Have “Overall Domain Authority” In Our Rankings)

The SE Tool seller that coined the term offers this discription of DA:

“…that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. Use Domain Authority when comparing one site to another or tracking the “strength” of your website over time.” (Ref: What is Domain Authority?)

I’d question how useful the tool is in the post Penguin and Panda world and where location is now such a significant force in many types of searches. I don’t think the formula used to calculate DA can even use location as a predictive factor.

If folk want more detail on the use of DA, this guy is a DA user who describes when/where to use it in this article:

Mar 2016: Domain Authority is a Flawed Metric

It’s a tough read if you are not into SEO.