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“Hey Presto” isn’t quite right, many of the success stories actually spent years grinding away whilst burning through cash reserves before they started making money. (If they ever actually make money)

My understanding is that the common approach for a startup is to gather ‘seed’ funding from investors and use this to pay for a team of developers and other staff. Listen to the podcast Startup by Gimlet media if you want a quick insight.

Alternatively you can offer someone equity in your business but, as a developer, you’d better have a very convincing reason for me to spend unpaid months developing a website that may or may not make money. I would also need to know what you’re bringing to the business e.g. whether you have marketing or business skills for example.

There’s a few ‘startup incubators’ around which help facilitate the whole process, but you have to pitch for a place. e.g. https://www.ycombinator.com/

Finally, you can learn to program yourself and bootstrap the whole thing, but you’ve already stated you can’t do that.