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Paul – FS Concierge
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solisip, post: 240422, member: 87327 wrote:
Hi all,

Just a shout out to let you know about my new consultancy – solisip.com.au

Solis IP was founded to assist clients in strategically managing their Intellectual Property assets for maximum impact.

Know your Intellectual Property. Protect and enforce your Intellectual Property with trade marks, patents or design registrations.

Maximise your returns with commercialisation opportunities.

Solis IP can also assist clients to source funding to support further commercially focused research and development or commercialisation activities.

If you have an existing portfolio, are new to IP, or any where in-between, SolisIP can assist you and your company to evolve and to grow.

Kathryn – http://www.solisip.com.au
Hi And Welcome to the Forums. It is great to have you and thank you for posting Kathryn!

I look forward to your future contributions.