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Hi Sabbyp,

Firstly welcome to our little group :)

May I ask where you found your first supplier and also how are they being unprofessional?

I ask this due to having dealings with Indian’s in my business (slightly different) but there there are many cultural differences that shocked me at first and I found it very hard to communicate with them and get my message across, which led to frustration, I think from both party’s.

So I packed a bag and flew over there to meet them and talk, I have now been there 3 times in the last 18 months and it is a lot better in person to get the main specifications correct and then they have a clear understanding and all follow up communications are clearer.

For clothing and apparel I suggest looking at a member of the CMAI. (http://www.cmai.in/) and maybe consider attending one of their fairs if you have future ideas. Also look for Premium Sellers on Trade India (http://www.tradeindia.com)

I went over to India due to knowing this was my future I was investing in and I wanted to ensure quality and of course reduce frustration :):):)

I know, not everyone can get on a plane and fly over, but I think to build a real relationship with a main supplier it is really important, or find an agent in the area that can speak English clearly and can go and see your supplier. Examples below:


A friend is about to embark on manufacturing either in India or China, so I will go with her to help (she is nervous to travel alone), and we will be going to the Canton Fair in China to source suppliers.

Some food for thought for you