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Hello Sabbyp, We happened to have some experience in baby clothing and children care products. The clothing products we made are quite similiar to Carter’s or Gerber, or Next children. Mainly for American market. The quality is better than Carter’s. I dont know if these are interesting to you? 300-500pcs per style/design is not a problem at all for most suppliers now, since business is tough, but if you mean 300 to 500 hundreds in total, for several styles, then you have to buy off the shelf from what the factories have in stock. If you want to have products custom made in very small quantity, you will have to pay a higher price for it.

a quantity of 300pcs per style (same design, might be 1 or 2 colors) if fine for one custom made design with 5 sizes, as I know. Normally factories will request you have a quantity which can use up a entire roll of fabric. Or you have to pay higher prices.